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Training (Optional)

We pride ourselves in the knowledge that most users find our software intuitive and easy to use.  You should not have trouble getting started using the system - adding clients, adding new business, etc, etc.  However, you will never get the best out of any software unless you invest in it.  And by that we mean investing some time and money in understanding what the software can really do for you.

We don't believe that spending a day in a training course is of any benefit.  It's disruptive, it is time-consuming, and after a few hours it is a case of diminishing returns - you simply will not absorb what the trainers are trying to put accross.


All of our training is on-site - at your offices.  We come to your offices and where possible we use your data to show you how to do things.


We tailor the training to your needs.  We will show you features of the system you may not be using, and we work with you to set your system up to give you maximum benefits. 


We usually restrict the training to a maximum of 3 to 3.5 hours - long enough to be able to cover a significant number of topics, but short enough that it is not too disruptive for your working day, and you won't be completely brain-dead!


Training costs just £350 per half-day, you can have several members of your team involved, and in most cases we do not charge travel expenses.

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