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For those of you who like to know, our software is written in C++ (a professional programmming language - unlike Access) and the underlying database is Firebird.  Firebird is similar in capabilities to SQL Server but does not have the same licensing costs or computing power requirements.

What do you need to be able to run our software

Windows 7, 8, 8.1, and 10 are all supported. 


RAM (Random Access Memory - the size of the 'brain' in the computer) - you will need a minimum of 4 GBytes of RAM on each computer running our software but the more RAM on board the better.


Disc space - our database is very compact so this will probably never be an issue.


Server - you do not need a server to hold our database.  However, if you already have a server it can be used to hold the database.  If you are a smaller company with up to 4 or 5 people you could very easily hold our database on one of the computers.


Network - if you are planning on running several licences accessing a single central database accross your LAN (Local Area Network) it needs to run at a speed of at least 100 Mbps.  If you have a wireless network you should check that the actual speed, not the projected speed, is adequate.

Remote access and 'Cloud' hosting

Recognising that many companies want access to their business systems 'on the move' our software can be installed for remote working.  This means you and your staff can have access your Assyst database from anywhere where there is an internet connection - your employee's home, a different office, a client's home or office, etc.


It is also possible to host your Assyst database on the Cloud.  We take care of all of this, setting up an account for a virtual computer for you on Micrososoft Azure, setting up a virtual private network so that your access is fully secure.  There is a set-up charge and an extra monthly charge for this which pays for the usage of your Microsoft Azure computer.

Some technical FAQs

There are so many technical options for running our software that it is probably best to call us to clarify your options.  However, the following may answer some of your questions:-


Can I run the software on my own desktop or laptop PC? – YES


There are several of us in the office, can we have a central database that we all share? – YES


Can we all be updating at the same time? - YES


Can I take my laptop away from the office and still use the system? – YES.  This can either be via "remote access" or by what we call “Off-line Working”


I have people that work remotely some of the time. Can it be set up so that they can still use the system when they are away from the office? - YES - this is remote access.


I have people that always work from another location. Can it be set up so they can use the system? – YES - again via remote access.


Can I have the system hosted on “The Cloud”? – YES.  We suggest a conversation as there are several options and additional costs with using The Cloud.


Can I use the system on a tablet? – YES.  You can't install our software on a tablet, but your tablet can talk to the PC that has the database.  Please call us to discuss how this works.


Can I run the system on a Mac? – YES.  It will need to sit inside a Windows interface such as Parallels.

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