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Price should not be a barrier to you purchasing our software

You OWN our software licences - YOU DO NOT PAY MONTHLY RENTALS.

We believe that you should only pay for what you feel you need:-

  • If you don't need software to manage Fees & Charges, you do not need to pay for our Commissions module.
  • If you don't do corporate business, you do not need to pay for our Corporate module.
  • If you don't feel you need training, you do not need to pay for training.
  • If you don't feel you need on-going support and upgrades, you do not need to pay for our Support & Upgrade Programme.

One-off Licence costs

Remember these are one-off, up-front costs.  NOT RENTALS, NOT ANNUAL SUBSCRIPTIONS.


Broadly speaking, you need to buy a licence for each person / computer that will be accessing the database:-

- 1st licence = £600 plus VAT

- all additional licences = 50% discount = £300 plus VAT

If one person will be acessing Individual clients, AND Corporate clients, AND administering Fees & Charges then they will need 3 licences - client-assyst, corporate-assyst, and commission-assyst.


Example licence costs:-

- IFA only, managing individual clients but not corporate clients, and doesn't want to manage fees & charges.  Requires 1 licence = £600 plus VAT

- 2 IFAs, 1 adminstrator, both IFAs manage individual clients, 1 manages corporate clients, and administrator reconciles Fees & Charges as well as adminstering both individual and corporate clients.  This company would need 3 client-assyst, 2 corporate-assyst, and 1 commission-assyst licence i.e. 6 licences at a total cost of £2,100 plus VAT (£600, plus 5 times £300).



Support & Upgrade Programme costs



The Support & Upgrade Programme provides:-

- free access to our technical support team if you have any technical problem with our software

- free access to our telephone support team in case you need help getting the software to do something for you

- free upgrades with enhanced and new features, usually 2 or 3 times per year

- regular newsletters with hints and tips to help you get the best from our software


Our Help Desk staff are extremely knowledgeable not just about our software, but also about Windows systems in general, and more importantly, Financial Services.


In month 4, you can (optional) choose to continue your membership of the Support & Upgrade Programme. 



- £60 per month plus VAT if you have 1, 2, or 3 licences

- £75 per month plus VAT if you have 4 licences

- £90 per month plus VAT if you have 5 licences

- an extra £15 per month plus VAT for each additional licence

First Year Agreement

We can spread your licence costs over the first 12 months.  THERE IS NO FINANCE CHARGE FOR THIS SERVICE.


We take your licence costs, add on the Support & Upgrade Programme costs for months 5 to 12, and add-on the cost of training at your offices.  You pay 20% of the total up front and the remainder via 10 monthly direct debits.


Example costs:-

- 1 licence = £286 plus VAT up front, then 10 direct debits of £114.40 plus VAT

- 3 licences = £406 plus VAT up front, then 10 direct debits of £162.40 plus VAT

- 5 licences = £614 plus VAT up front, then 10 direct debits of £245.60 plus VAT

- 10 licences = £1,024 plus VAT up front, then 10 direct debits of £409.60 plus VAT



'Cloud' hosting

As discussed in the Technical section, it is possible to have your Assyst database on 'the Cloud'.  We will help you set-up a 'virtual computer' on Microsoft Azure, also a 'virtual private network' to ensure that your access is fully secure.  Microsoft will bill you directly for the 'virtual computer'.  Their costs depend on the size of the virtual computer and the availability that you want (Microsoft charge for the number of hours that your computer is available, not just for the hours you are using it).  You should expect to pay Microsoft between £80 and £150 per month, but we can help reduce your costs by setting up a schedule that starts your 'virtual computer' at 7am and stops it at 8pm (or whatever suits your working practices).

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